ReImagnn Consulting was started in 2017 by myself, Brenton Reimann.

My wife, Claire, and I came up with the name “ReImagnn” from playing with our surname, Reimann.

Basically the business name is Reimann with a “G” between the letters “a” and “n”.

The “G” stands for both:

  • GREEN – referring to a core value of ours which is sustainability but in it’s most holistic form – social, environmental, economic and spiritual – basically we want to continue to strive for our lives to be as sustainable as possible in all aspects and areas.
  • GROW – referring to the well known and used mentoring and coaching model called GROW where the letters stand for G – Goal, R – Current Reality, O – Obstacles and Options, W – the Will to make changes or the Way forward. This is one of the main frameworks I use with clients.

My overall heart and vision for ReImagnn Consulting is that through the vehicle of a consulting business I would “add value” to my clients, helping them see their own stories and roles in a new light through ‘re-imagining’ what’s before them.

I will know I am fulfilling this vision if I can facilitate HOPE to rise in my clients spirits, for the feeling of being overwhelmed to be replaced with “I can do this”, “We can do this” or if they are a Christian (as I am),  “God and I and others can do this together”.

I will also know I am fulfilling this vision if my clients and I together can build a more sustainable future for each other and my client’s organisation by fulfilling their mission more fully and sustain-ably and reducing their ecological footprint on our physical environment as citizens of Earth.